Refrigeration Trailer Hire

All our units are inspected and serviced after every hire period, to ensure that you hire a fully functioning refrigerated trailer.

Inspection :-
  • Tyres
  • Lights
  • Trailer Hitch
  • Trailer Brakes
  • Refrigeration Unit
  • Rear Door Seals
  • Stabiliser Stands
  • Damage


Contact: Neville on 083 298 6823 for further info and demo.

A refundable deposit of R4000.00 is payable on date of hire.
This deposit is used to cover damage to the trailer and/or to cover any insurance excess.
This deposit will be returned if our inspection clears the unit for normal wear and tear and that no damage or loss has occurred.
(see our terms and conditions)

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Trailer Hire Info

The Trailers are ready to go and can be hired on a short term or long term period, whether you are planning an event or have a sudden emergency.
Cool To Go trailer hire refrigeration when you want it and where you want it.
The Refrigeration unit operates from a conventional single phase 220 volts supply or alternatively from a mobile generator.
Operating temperatures can be set utilising a simple keypad control on the unit.
An internal light is operated from the control keypad.
The unit is designed for a maximum product loading of 900kg and this must never be exceeded, in either it's static or travelling operation.
It is important that the lessee complies fully with road ordinance regulations, and that he/she ensures that the towing vehicle is suitably rated for towing the unit, in particularity the GCM of the towing vehicle.
The axle load on the trailer must never under any circumstances exceed 1600kg.
The lessee must ensure that, during towing, that the jockey wheel is securely clamped in the highest position, and that the location pin on the jockey wheel locks the wheel from rotating.
The trailers are insured whilst on hire, and a deposit will be taken, to cover insurance excess in the event of a claim being instituted, or for any damage that may occur.
Please, however, note that the contents of the trailer are NOT insured (refer our standard terms & conditions.
It is the lessees responsibility to comply with all road ordinance whilst the trailer is on hire, and any cost/s incurred during the hire period due to non-compliance with road ordinance, is/ are for the lessee.
Please refer to our standard terms and conditions.

Towing Safety Tip

A big part of towing safety involves being alert and giving yourself as much room as possible between you and the vehicle in front of you. If you remain focused, you can easily maintain the distance necessary to gently and evenly apply the brakes to bring your vehicle (and trailer) to a safe stop -- even if the vehicle in front of you comes to a sudden standstill.

Braking While Towing

Braking while towing a trailer can present a challenge for even the most experienced driver. Yet, as it turns out, the most effective way to prevent loss of control while towing a trailer is a page right out of the driver's education handbook -- slow down. This is even more important when braking while towing. It takes a lot longer to stop -- and you travel a lot farther -- when you have a trailer weight behind your vehicle.